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Types of temperature probes for thermostat and solar thermal equipment


Ptc or Ntc type temperature probes

They are temperature sensitive resistors.
Its functionality is based on the change of internal resistance as the external temperature rises or falls, the voltage does internally.
Obviously this is completely analog technology.

thermal resistance type ntc or ptc
thermal resistance type ntc or ptc with sheath

It is the type of sensor or thermal probe used in today's consumer electronics.
It is easy to find in the electronic components market.

Advantages of analog Ntc or Ptc probes

Disadvantages of analog Ntc or Ptc probes

Digital temperature probes

They are not resistors like the previous ones.
It looks very similar to a transistor.
They are pure digital devices as if they were micro computers.
The device that manages it literally asks you what your temperature is, and this digital probe responds with the exact data.

They are widely used in the recreation and learning of domestic electronic uses and home automation applications.
The most popular among digital probes is the DALLAS B18B20.

It is exceedingly popular in the arduino world.

a Dallas DS18B20 digital probe with an arduino


The Dallas Ds18b20 digital probe looks like this:

digital temperature probe Dallas DS18B20
Dallas DS18B20 digital thermal probe with sheath


These tiny devices are made up of 3 legs. Two of them are to deliver the voltage (5v).
The 3rd leg is the one you use for digital communication with your thermostat or any similar device that manages it.

Here the identification of the legs of the sensor ds18b20:

Identification of legs in digital thermal probe Dallas DS18B20

Advantages of the Dallas 18B20 digital probes

Disadvantages of Dallas 18B20 digital probes

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